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Intention: critical creativity in the classroom

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Amy Burvall


Amy Burvall is a professional recombinant, frequent flâneuse, and itinerant artist. After 25 years in the classroom she is currently consulting, creating, and curating in the fields of creativity, visual thinking, and digital literacies. She was an early YouTuber with her History for Music Lovers project and remains an advocate of remix in learning. Her tagline, “the cloud is our campfire”, alludes to her passion for transparency and networked knowledge and creativity. In the ether you can find Amy sharing her work @amyburvall in all spaces.

A Humanities teacher for over 20 years, Amy is a leader in educational technology. She recently embarked on a new adventure with John Kao’s EdgeMakers. as Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Amy is well known for her YouTube channel “History for Music Lovers”, which features history-based parody music videos with over 12 million views, has appeared in Wired magazine, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and international blogs and media. She was privileged to present at TEDxHonolulu 2011, has given Ignite talks at SXSWedu, ISTE, and Ignite Honolulu, and keynoted at The Association for Advanced Computing in Education, CUE E-Learning E-Learning Symposium and Alan November’s Building Learning Communities. She was named Webmaker Fellow by the Mozilla Foundation and was a featured artist in the “Art and Culture of the Web” track at Mozfest 2014 in London. Amy’s presentations and professional development workshops often explore topics in Creativity, Remix Culture, and Visual/Media Literacy.