This conference will be like no other, apart from the fact that it’s the first totally online LX conference, we will be providing you with a unique opportunity over a week to work together, share stories, learn from each other and build community. After all is that what LX is all about!

5 days, a number of live big idea presentations over three days and opportunities for social interaction. This will be an opportunity to engage with leaders in the field of LX and UX design. An opportunity to present recorded presentations from teams and individuals describing their own approach to LX Design.


The big idea presentations will happen at various times over a 72 hour period depending on the location of the presenter, our team at AT will be facilitating these presentations, with our people on the ground in Australia/New Zealand and Europe

The format of the big idea presentations is a 30 minute talk by the presenter followed by a 30 minute interview during which you will be able to ask your own questions.

If you miss one you will still be able to catch up and join the conversation as all the presentations will be recorded and the presenters will be part of the conversation over the whole conference.

The contributions from teams will be available as recordings and conversation channels throughout the whole conference.