• Bron Stuckey and Profile picture of James MeekJames Meek are now friends 6 years, 4 months ago

    • Hi Bronwyn – Ha! Those old, quiet UoW Education connection/associations ..and almosts?! Amazing how often they quietly bob up. Gosh and even …years and years later. Thanks Barry. Thanks John. Lots of good stuff and lots good people found inspiration, impetus and support there… J:-)

      • Yes lots of great things cycle back into our lives from UOW. Those were such great times! I was only telling fomeone in game design about StageStruck last week and how it won a BAFTA award. Outa little ‘ol Wollongong.

        • Oh Yes – StageStruck. There was something quite special in that one. (I don’t think it’s .just. that I was still a bit wide-eyed, having just ‘done’ my masters as they launched!)

          Been several places since UoW, but it was great to find and catch-up with John at Macquarie while I was there for a while -in their ill-fated LTC- from 2014. And he and Helen (Carter) and I all went out for a Chinese lunch as he retired. Yeah… Can you believe that: “Retired”?! [trails off]

          Whaa??!! Oh. The conference is over, everyone’s gone and I’m talking to myself?

          Been a busy week. Only just properly tuning-in again, …and noting a backlog of recordings and tweets in need of harvest! 🙂