How to Participate

The LX Conference is very much about sharing and communicating with each other.

There are lots of ways to sharing your work and your ideas.

Join the Big Idea Conversation

Each of our Big Idea presenters has a page on which you read about their presentations and, after the presentation, view the presentation slides and the presentation recording. On each of these pages there is a conversation space that you can use to share your thoughts, ideas and questions.

Ideally you can go to the page before the presentation and add your questions.

Join the Open Studios

The open studios are a space for you to share your own work, ideas and opinions. The Open Studios have a synchronous and an asynchronous version.

Open Studios Live

These sessions are run through our webinar platform Big Blue Button. There are five live sessions that occur around the Big Idea presentations. In these sessions you can join a live conversation about particular aspects of Learning Experience design and share your own ideas. To join these sessions go to the Conference Hub before the session, select Open Studio from the Conference Room drop down and click the Join button.

Open Studios – Projects

We also wanted to provide a more reflective space for colleagues to share their own work so we’ve provided the ability for you to create a conference page where you can write about your own work, thoughts and ideas in more detail. We’ve called these Projects but you don’t have to confine your writing to projects, you can write about any aspect of Learning Experience design that you’d like to share. You can incorporate images, interactive learning objects and embed media from other web sites. There is lots of information here on how you can do this. If you want to dive straight in then click the button. Don’t worry it only gets published to the conference when you are happy with it.

Add your project

Join the Conversation in the Conference Forum

The conference forum is the ideal space for talking about things that may not have been covered in the Big Idea presentations or in the Open Studios.

Post in the Forums

Join the Conversation on Twitter

If you want to tweet your thoughts about the conference we’re using the hashtag #lxconf.