Warmest of welcomes to you as a speaker. We’re so happy to have you join us to share your Big Idea with our fledgling LX community.

You can use the menu below to access the “conference rooms” where your presentation will happen.

You should have received your log in for the conference from Joyce and can use that to log in, participate and present.

But just in case there are any problems, you can use the menu below to just get straight into the Big Ideas room without any log in.

  • Select the Big Ideas room
  • Click Join
  • Enter your name as you would like it to appear
  • And use this standard password 2B$J5!L0
  • That’s it!

A moderator will be in the room 30 minutes early to welcome you and help you get set up.

Thank you again! We look forward to working with you!

Joyce, Spiros & Mark

Academic Tribe

Important info

Getting in touch

If you get into any trouble or need help you can reach out to any of us:

Joyce – joyce [at] academictribe.co +61 437308150 (Melbourne, Australia)

Mark – mark [at] academictribe.co +61 409 339399 (Melbourne, Australia)

Spiros – spiros [at] academictribe.co (Greece)

We use Big Blue Button (an open source software) for conferencing. It is pretty simple but there are a few things to note.

  • It is best to use the Chrome or Firefox browser
  • It requires the Flash plug in and it’s best if this up to date
  • The audio works well, but it is better to use a headset. And really the best thing is to have a test in the demo room or set up a practice session. Joyce, Mark and Spiros are happy to meet you and just do a quick 10-15 minute test. Just send an email to Joyce via joyce [at] academictribe.co.
  • Make sure your browser is not blocking the access to your audio and/or webcam.


Big Blue Button recreates your slides as digital images. So a few notes:

  • Conversion can take quite a while (up to 15-20 minutes), so make sure you have sent your deck to Joyce prior to your session.
  • Email your slidedeck as a PDF so that you retain your layouts and fonts
  • A gradient can really slow the conversion process down, so please avoid gradient backgrounds if possible,
  • Any interactions in your slides will not work.

Testing & Troubleshooting

It is a really good idea to test your set up is working with no echos, glitches or problems. Joyce, Mark and Spiros are happy to take your for a quick 10 minute test in our conference room. Just email Joyce via joyce [at] academictribe.co.

If you haven’t got time to meet with one of us, you can test your set up in this open demo room. Just enter a name for your meeting and proceed.

The resources below will help you.

Guide to using Big Blue Button