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Perrin Rowland

For the past ten years, Perrin Rowland worked to bring User Experience(UX) methods to the world of online learning design and delivery — especially in terms of using design thinking to create experiences that talk to learners and not about them. For the past 6 months, the tables have turned and she is now bringing learning and instructional design strategies and pedagogy to one of NZ’s largest internal, corporate design studios. Working with UX researchers, Interaction Designers, and Content Strategists, Perrin is now applying learning strategies and techniques to help improve design performance, and even the Customer Experience itself.

Driving to Outcomes: Using frameworks to manage the complexity of designing experiences

Digital experiences are messy, meandering, and increasingly complicated journeys. However, in the world of Customer Experience (CX) design, an experience is simply how someone perceives their interactions with your company. A learning experience can then be described as how a learner perceives their interactions with your learning material. The thing about perceptions is that they can be measured and influenced. Ultimately this understanding can drive outcomes, even learning outcomes. So how do you drive learning outcomes? With a map – or to really get somewhere- with an Experience Framework. Learn about what UX & CX Designers are doing to drive customer experiences and see what we can apply to designing learning experiences.

Perrin’s Video

View the recording of Perrin’s Big Idea Presentation.

Perrin’s Slidedeck


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Jolanda Morkel

Perrin, what you say about the total learner (user) experience is so true! As a University educator/ tutor I sometimes intervene in the Institutional selection/ registration/ administration processes to support my students. I realise that it’s highly problematic, because if the system is broken, it should be fixed rather than someone filling the cracks.