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The conference is over but the recordings are still available and you’re welcome to access them at any time. We would, however, really like to get your feedback to find out what you liked and what we could improve.

Thank You

Thank you

We’ve closed the conference but you can still access the site and view the recordings for the next two months. Thank you for making the conference a success and for being so generous with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.         Feature image licensed CC BY 2.0 by Jon Ashcroft – https://flic.kr/p/9cXaQE

Conference Closing


We’re just about to close the conference. We’ll be announcing more winners of ebooks from Rosenfeld Media and getting your feedback on what you liked and what we could improve for next time.     Feature image licensed CC BY 2.0 by woodleywonderworks https://flic.kr/p/9UeF3e

Learning Communities – Social Learning Opportunities

All students can learn from one another.  I am interested in understanding ways to bring students together to create a community of learning when the course size online will likely exceed 1,000 students. The learners will likely have varying levels of knowledge, skill, and ability. The average age of the learner is 37.9.

Make a badge & win a book

If this were a face-to-face conference, we’d make you wear a badge to get to know each other. But here we ask that you introduce yourself in our virtual conference hallways and imagine a virtual badge for yourself. What would your badge say? You can also go the extra mile and have the chance to win an eBook from our sponsor Rosenfeld Media. Actually create your … Read More

Academic Development through Intensive Learning Design

Introduction Participating in learning design sessions is a transformative learning experience for academic staff. This poster traces the emergent relationship between an academic and a learning designer during an intensive 4-hour learning design session, visually representing the interplay and intensity of six key domains across the session: approach, emotion, relationship, design-as-process, design-as-product, and capability-building. The poster demonstrates the relationship between … Read More