What resources and LMS features have you used to support your language learning course?

He reo tupu he reo ora – A living language is a growing language,

Have you ever worked as a LX Designer on a language learning course? What resources or LMS features have you used – and why? What support have they offered people?

I worked with Ānaru White and Gemma Stewart (subject matter experts) on several Te Reo Māori language courses. Below are some of the resources we have used – and why/how they have supported learners.


1. Audio/podcasts

We added audio support to assist with the correct pronunciation with the words, the karakia (prayers) they are asked to learn and also as a rauemi they could listen to away from the computer.

I added a soundcloud channel for each course so they can download all the audio files.

2. Lessons


Te Akoranga / The Lesson is designed for people to personalise their learning. They can explore everything or just select the resource to fit the gap/s in their knowledge.

3. Glossary and video support

In order to increase their knowledge of new words we used the glossary feature and asked the students to populate it themselves. I created a video showing them how to look up the word on https://maoridictionary.co.nz/ and then how to add it to the glossary

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