Academic Development through Intensive Learning Design


Participating in learning design sessions is a transformative learning experience for academic staff. This poster traces the emergent relationship between an academic and a learning designer during an intensive 4-hour learning design session, visually representing the interplay and intensity of six key domains across the session: approach, emotion, relationship, design-as-process, design-as-product, and capability-building.

The poster demonstrates the relationship between the domains and their dispersal throughout a session, to illustrate how the challenge to and transformation of attitudes towards technology-enhanced learning (TEL), helping to overcome common resistance to change, providing a richer, more productive understanding of how academic development can be foregrounded through learning design.

Poster - Academic Development through Intensive Learning Design

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Randa Battika
Randa Battika

This is really inspiring job.Just let me check my understanding that this poster illustrate the relation between the academic “some times we say the SME subject matter expert who has the know how and the content of the learning what students needs to study, and the other person is the learning designer who is going to transform this content in a learn-able , trainable material. am I on the right track? second thing you are studying how the design process itself enhance the learning material “curriculum for example” or how it affects the team involved in the design process which… Read more »