Learning in the age of experience

May 15th to 19th 2017

Wherever you are


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The LX Conference is the first online conference dedicated to learning experience design. Learning experience design (LX Design) is the emerging practice of using user experience, service design or human-centred design methods in education and training. This first edition will take place online from May 15-19, 2017.

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Our Speakers

  • Indi Young

    Indi Young

    Independent data scientist, researcher, author, co-founder Adaptive Path

  • Joyce Seitzinger

    Joyce Seitzinger

    Founder and Lead LX Designer at Academic Tribe

  • Jessica Knott

    Jess Knott

    Learning Design Manager at Michigan State University

  • Kim Tairi

    Kaitoha Puka (University Librarian) at Te Wananga  Aronui o Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland University of Technology)

  • Jolanda Morkel Speaker Image

    Jolanda Morkel

    Academic, designer and learning design researcher

  • Yishay Mor

    Yishay Mor

    Researcher and consultant in educational innovation and technology

  • Kemi Jona

    Kemi Jona

    Thought leader in applying insights from cognitive and learning sciences to the design of online learning environments

  • Amy Burvall

    Learning & Creative Thinking consultant

  • Perrin Rowland
    UX & Content Manager. Learning Facilitator. Community Leader. Storyteller

What to Expect

Tell your stories

You’ll get chance to present your own big ideas through multimedia case studies prepared before the conference and available all the way through.

Worldwide speakers

A number of leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world will tell us the stories of their big ideas. Listen to them, ask them questions, be inspired across time zones.


Interact with our speakers and each other. Join the conversation. Share your work and collaborate.

Collaborate for your next big idea

Looking for collaborators? There will be chance to reach out to potential collaborators from around the world to build an amazing experience for learners.


Regular Pass

  • Access all areas
  • Live and recorded videos
  • Collaboration spaces


Group Pass (Team lead + 5)

  • Get a total of 6 passes
  • Effective cost per pass  – $70
  • Ideal for small teams


Student Pass
  • Access to all areas
  • For full time students
  • Hear from leaders in the field


Group Pass (Team lead + 10)
  • Get a total of 11 passes
  • Effective cost per pass – $60
  • Ideal for teams



Why this LX Conference?

Anyone who designs and provides learning experiences is increasingly dealing with more technology, more opportunity but also more complexity. What does learning design mean in the age of mentoring, gamification and personalisation? Is an online course always the answer? It can be a real challenge to ensure you design an experience that suits your learners while at the same time not falling into the trap of just “doing what we’ve always done.” To cope with this, we are seeing a new hybrid practice emerge, learning experience design (LX Design). Design thinking and user experience design are just two new skills that learning experience designers need, says Dr. Jess Knott, LXer Extraordinaire. This conference will provide starting points for those skills and more.

How will the conference work?

The core of the conference will revolve around big ideas – stories told by leaders in the field of user experience, service design and learning experience design. These live events will happen during the middle three days of the conference week. The presenters will share their story after which you will have a chance to ask them questions. In addition there will be many other channels for you to share your stories, questions and projects. There will also be an open studio session, usually allocated between two Big Idea speakers for you to share stories, questions and projects.

Who is this conference for?

Who should come to the LX Conference? Anyone who wants to help humans learn. If you and your colleagues are leading the design and delivery of great learning experiences through your organisation, in your organisation or both, this is your community.

  • Learning designers

  • Instructional designers

  • Teachers / Academics

  • Learning & Development professionals

  • Multimedia designers

  • IT professionals

  • Librarians

  • UX professionals interested in education and training

  • Service design professionals interested in education and training

Will the conference be in my timezone?

Yes. This conference is an opportunity for a community of global design practitioners who work in learning and education to share stories and learn with each other. We will bridge the distance by joining in live events, asynchronous conversations and showcase opportunities across time.


Indi Young

2017-05-15 23:00:00

Designing with empathy

Kemi Jona

2017-05-16 01:00:00


Yishay Mor

2017-05-16 12:00:00

Design Inquiry of Learning – between LX Design and Educational Design Research

Jess Knott

2017-05-16 23:00:00

The design studio: creating and maintaining teams of diverse talents for development across diverse disciplines

Perrin Rowland

2017-05-17 01:00:00

Driving to Outcomes: Using frameworks to manage the complexity of designing experiences

Jolanda Morkel

2017-05-17 12:00:00

Listen, look, learn and take the leap: developing a blended architecture studio

Joyce Seitzinger

2017-05-17 14:00:00

Kim Tairi

2017-05-17 23:00:00

Innovative Learning Spaces

Amy Burvall

2017-05-18 01:00:00

The Rigorous Whimsy Mindset

2017-05-16 00:00:00

Join attendees from 10 countries over just about every time zone with speakers from Hawaii to New Zealand (the long way round).